DBT – Build a Self-soothing kit on the go!

Ice pack – to use on the go instead of iced water. Pat the ice pack on your face and neck, hold it in your hands and pat the inner part of your wrist. Make sure the cold is tolerable for your skin. You do want to feel a thermal shock that will help you avoiding acting out negative thoughts.

Essential oil – to smell. It can be something like lavender, which is soothing. Or something else of your preference but soothing and not activating (such as mint for example).

Butter slime. Can be a good stress reliever in alternative to squeeze balls. Butter slime comes also textured. Squeeze the butter slime between your hands and notice the texture of the slime as well as the sent.

Again this activity will engage your frontal cortex and it’s a calming activity.

Rubber band (also known as sport wrist band)– snap it when negative or overwhelming thoughts are present. https://www.hunabands.com/products/sport-snap-wristband

Don’t forget:

Drink your water, focus on your breath, ground yourself (you can use the 5-4-3-2-1 technique).

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